Spring bulbs you should be planting now

By Teresa Buford | Freelance Florist

Anemones in full bloom in my garden

Anemones in full bloom in my garden

Anemones and ranunculus - These are without question, the best value bulbs to have in your Spring garden. So many flowers for minimal cost. I’m a huge fan! I plant mine in my favourite pots, in full sun and where I get to see them every day. Any excess I throw in the garden gaps.

Plant in Autumn for the best spring garden

Both anemones and ranunculus will need soaking in tepid water for at least 5 hours. Some years I have left them overnight (I admit it, I just got too busy and forgot).

Then I’ve planted them out the next day and they always come through for me. Fill your pots with Completes garden mix, it has all the nutrients you will need to get great quality blooms. Do place some stones or broken terracotta pieces over the drainage holes to encourage the water to drain away fast.

A beautiful bouquet of ranunculus flowers

A beautiful bouquet of ranunculus flowers

With anemones, plant with the point down and the ranunculus, the claws facing down. I always plant the bulbs close together – about 7 cm apart and 3 cm deep. This is to encourage stem length and of course the display of flowers is then intensified. (We’re all waiting to see a of bit colour after a long winter!).

Anemones tend to be in shades of purples, reds, pinks and whites. I had a lovely mahogany anemone last year, a cross between red and purple. I couldn’t get enough of it! The ranunculus colour range is a bit more extensive with oranges, yellows and pastels included.

Do check them out now, you won’t regret having gorgeous spring flowers to pick for your home this spring.


Meet Teresa Burford

Hamiltonian’s will know Teresa as one of the city’s original garden florists. After making great success with her company ‘Figleaf Florist’, Teresa is now jetting off to work as freelance florist in England. She is known for creating unique arrangements, using the flowers she’s grown from scratch in her own backyard.

The flowers we select and grow at the Complete yard are all thanks to Teresa’s incredible recommendations.