BARK MULCH (Mega Mulch)

Product Information

Our Bark Mulch (Mega Mulch) is a screened fine 20mm Cambium bark, rich brow in colour. It is a mixture of fine shredded bark and small bark nuggets.

Top Tip: You’ll need a minimum of 100mL of this product to prevent weed growth and make it worthwhile.

Please Note: These are natural products and may vary from batch to batch and we advise customers to come to site to view our current product before ordering for deliveries.

Used For:

Preventing soil moisturiser from evaporating during long dry periods and reducing weed growth. All mulches are great for decorative purposes and at the same time retaining moisture in your garden over those hot summer months and suppressing weed growth. Most mulches are also great for those step gardens where washouts may occur as mulches bind together and stay in place.


Per m3

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How much do you need?

Use the calculator below to work out how much product you need in cubic metres:

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