Product Information

Australian made from 100% recycled, UV treated polypropylene. Diamond Grid is  ecologically friendly and highly durable. Size is 900mm x 560mm x 40mm. 

  • Crush resistance (filled with gravel/ road base) is 1000+ tonne m2.

  • Crush resistance (empty grid) is 280 tonne m2

  • Fill ratio per grid is 1 cubic metre of fill per 25sqm

  • Permeability is up to 96%

  • Fill Installation - Road base, gravel, pebbles, grass, soil, concrete.

Used For:

Anywhere on your property or workplace that requires toughening up, such as muddy areas, day yards, drains, or boat ramps. A sustainable alternative to concrete or paving for driveways and paths. Good for non-slip areas or smaller surfaces that require stabilization and reinforcement. Also used for reinforcing aggregate or grassed surfaces.


Per Piece: $23.50  (2 pieces per square metre)

Prices are subject to change without notice and include GST and are EX Yard