Product Information

E-Stello LED Solar Range - The light is powered by a solar panel and long-life lithium battery technology. Made of die cast aluminium. Five year warranty. 

Comes in a choice of models and styles and in black and grey.

Used For:

Ideal replacement for traditional lighting sources on pathways, carparks, gardens and entertainment areas. No Trenching Costs. No Cabling Costs. No Power Costs. No skilled electricians required. Simply bolt down onto any solid surface (four bolt holes at the base). 


As a comparison, just to install a Non Solar Light with a 20m run would cost approximately $750.00.  The price of any light is additional to this $750. This installation price would include: digging trench, conduit, power cable, fittings and switch. Also includes connection to house and labour costs.


EST-SSB-018-5K Grey

EST-SSB-002BK-4K Black



Prices are subject to change without notice and include GST and are EX Yard