Product Information

Produced from crushed and graded greywacke rock. A clean washed, no fines pea metal size 8mm, with golden earth tones of white/cream/brown. These are natural products and may vary from batch to batch and we advise customers to come to site to view our current product before ordering for deliveries.

Also available in 20mm size

Used For:

Ideal for driveways and paths, as a decorative mulch, or for use as a drainage or filtration aggregate

This is a maintenance free option and the way to go if you want great looking gardens all the time. Simply lay any of the following pebbles or chips over a non-woven weed mat and sit back and enjoy your completed no maintenance back yard paradise.


Per m3

Per ½m3





Prices are subject to change without notice and include GST and are EX Yard

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