Product Information

The Allan Block concrete block wall stacks beautifully and creates a smooth and fluid finish for every wall, bringing a refined look of classic natural beauty to any landscape. It is easy to install, durable, cost-effective and looks great. It comes in the traditional single block design or the Ashlar multi sized block design. It also comes in different colours.

Small walls can be done by the home handyman. We can offer you the services of an expert installer for the higher more difficult walls

Engineering advice should be sought for walls exceeding 900mm, or for retaining walls supporting an additional load, eg. driveways, buildings or slopes etc. We have access to experts in the engineering design of Allan Block walls


  • AB Classic  (435mm L x 300mm W x 200mm H) = $15.50

    (6 degrees Vertical)

  • AB Vertical (435mm L x 300mm W x 200mm H) = $15.50

    (3 degrees vertical)

  • AB Corner/End (400mm L x 200mm W x 200mm H) = $17.08

  • AB Cap Stone (433mm L x 260mm W x 100mm H) = $11.94

  • AB Junior (216mm L x 240mm W x 200mm H) = $8.10

  • AB Junior Lite (216mm L x 240mm W x 100mm H) = $6.68

  • AB Lite Stone (35mm L x 300mm W x 100mm H) = $8.93

Prices are subject to change without notice and include GST and are EX Yard

Retaining Wall Calculator

Use this handy retaining wall calculator provided by Cirtex. This download is a simple excel spread sheet.