StraightCurve garden edging is for landscapers and homeowners who want an easy method of installing garden edging that is strong, long-lasting, and creates a beautiful clean look to all garden edges. StraightCurve, products are purpose built to be effective in a wide range of garden styles, both straight edging and flexible, curved and round edging, of any shape.

StraightCurve can be used for:

  • Creating curved or straight pathways with chip, crushed stone or bitumen.

  • Creating a clean tidy divider between different types of material, e.g. bark, stones, grass, gardens.

  • Locking paving areas in place.

  • Providing a hard edge for an artificial grass project.

  • Creating a barrier between a garden beds and lawns.

  • Tree surrounds.

  • Raised garden beds of differing shapes, heights and designs

  • Weathering Steel (rusted look)–A steel alloy designed to create its own protective patina, comes in a blackish finish then slowly creates a rusted appearance.

  • Square and rectangular planter boxes of multiple designs.

StraightCurve is a steel alloy designed to create its own protective patina. It comes in black, weathering steel, that slowly creates a rusted finish.

(Galvanised and powder coated options are also available by special order).