Product Information

StraightCurve’s range of Flexline garden edging can be used to create flowing, straight and angular curves.  It comes with connector plates pre-attached and has a smooth rounded top making it very child friendly.   All sized edging comes with the accessories to complete the job. 

The necessary pinning nails (3 per length) are included. 


75mm (H) x 1.55mm (Thick) x 2200mm (L) – Base lip 50mm 

100mm (H) x 1.5mm (Thick) x 2200mm (L) 

150mm (H) x 1.5mm (Thick) x 2200mm (L) 

240mm (H) x 2mm (Thick) x 2160mm (L) 

400mm (H) x 2mm (Thick) x 2160mm (L) 

560mm (H) x 2mm (Thick) x 21600mm (L) 

Tutorial videos on how to set up your Flexline edgings down below.


Weathering Steel or Galvanised Steel Flexline:

75mm x 2200mm:  $49.95 each 
100mm x 2200mm: $55.95 each 
150mm x 2200mm: $59.95 each
240mm x 2160mm: $149.00 each
400mm x 2160mm: $199.00 each 
560mm x 2160mm: $249.00 each 

Prices are subject to change without notice and include GST and are EX Yard


General Tips Video

Making Corners Video

Building A Ring Demonstration

Set up Video for:
75mm(H)x1.55mm(Thick)x2200mm(L)–Base lip 50mm

Set up Video for:
100mm (H) x 1.5mm (Thick) x 2200mm (L) &
150mm (H) x 1.5mm (Thick) x 2200mm (L) 

Set up Video for:
240mm (H) x 2mm (Thick) x 2000mm (L)

Set up Video for:
400mm (H) x 2mm (Thick) x 2000mm (L) &
560mm (H) x 2mm (Thick) x 2000mm (L)