Product Information

Produced with a copper Azole preservative offering 50 years guarantee against decay and insect attack. It won't fade to silver like pine or Macro, as the brown mahogany pigment colour is infused throughout the timber, but it will fade a bit. As its water based its can be re-stained to achieve the colour you require. Stain available from any merchant selling Cabot's aqua deck mahogany.

Cuts like normal pine, but it will expose the treated end that will need sealing, you can use the stain to colour again (as the cut end will be slightly lighter than the outside face - and treat with Metalex to seal the cut.)

Approved and certified by Greenguard and NAHB.

Sleeper sizes: 200 x 100 x 2400 mm or 200 x 75 x 2400 mm

Used For:

Ideal for building anything. Can be used for organic garden beds.

For garden beds: use either 200 x 100mm or 200 x 75 sized sleepers.


Each: $40.00 (200 x 75 x 2400 mm)

Each: $50.00 (200 x 100 x 2400 mm)


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